1. The noted outdoor reporter, Henry Miller of the Statesman Journal took the photograph of Bill Lackner digging a razor clam in the wet sand at Agate Beach. The Statesman Journal is your goto source for information on digging razor clams in Oregon. 2. Walt Summerton and grandchildren pose with the clams they and their family dug in Yaquina Bay last summer. 3. Greg Harlow answers the question, "What do Association of Northwest Steelheaders do when they are not fishing?".

4. Aquarist, Jill Pridgeon holds a gaper clam she collected for display at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. 5. A February dig in Netarts Bay gave up this fine limit of Beefsteak clams for Leonard Sexton of Sheridan. 6. Leonard Sexton Easter Sunday clam dig in Siletz Bay yeilded a limit of purple varnish clams. I met Leonard just by chance as he was leaving the bay.

7. Myself (orange hat) my grandsons, Brandon and Zachary and their dad, Dave digging their first purple varnish clams. 8. Zack, who is three and his first clam. 9. Brandon, who is seven digging his first limit of clams.

10.Part of the approximately 50 plus Clam Clinic 2006 clam diggers digging purple varnish clams in Siletz Bay.

11. Clam Clinic 2007 clam diggers digging purple varnish clams in Siletz Bay.

12. Greg Harlow in the foreground giving advice to some of the group new to digging gaper clams at Netarts Bay.

13. Members of the group digging gaper clams in Netarts Bay during the final event of Clam Clinic 2007.

14. Earnest Brown and family new to digging purple varnish clams in Siletz Bay.

15. Thirty seven of Eugene's Slow Food Convivia paritcipants dig purple varnish clam in Siletz Bay on March 09, 2008.

16. Association Member Jerry Lynch wrote, This is Jerry Lynch, one of your Netart's gaper clam students from last year.  I wanted to show you the results of my solo adventure in Seaside Beach March 07. The photo is attached. Thanks for your instruction and encouragement. The day Jerry dug the raozr clams he made an early morning drift on the Wilson River for steelhead. The fish were not biting and it was such a nice day that he decided to make the dirve to Seaside and dig some clams. Nice going Jerry!

17. Association Member Jerry Lynch is at it again. The digging at Seaside is Hot!

18. Association Member Jerry Lynch took time out from digging razor clams to catch this beautiful spring Chinook.

19. Association Member Randy Fish, Mark Sepulevda and his son Kevin caught these spring Chinook trowling herring behind flashers just east of the I 5 Bridge on the Columbia River.

20. Randy shares his limit of gaper clams shown in the photo below from Netarts Bay.

21. New to digging clams, parents and their children from the Rogue River Valley School District dug limits of Pruple Varnish Clams from Siletz Bay on May 18th,

22. Association Member and avid clam digger Leonard Sexton and friends shares my love for duck hunting and dogs .

23. Some of the particiants attending the lecture at the Driftwood Library at Lincoln City 2008.

25. Jerry Lynch shares the limit of purple varnish and one softshell clams he dug at the Clam Clinic 2008 Siletz Bay clam dig.

26. Leonard Sexton a man of for all seasons shares another of his experiences with us. "Fishing for small mouth bass with a lite trout pole and a 3 1/2" tube bait Tuesday May 20th. 27 pound 33" Flathead Catfish hooked in about 5 to 6 feet of water. It pulled my 18 foot sled around for awhile." Lenny. 27. Jerry's Lynch's unusual catch a bobbed tail sturgeon

28. Association Member, Bill Morris dug this huge razor clam from Agate Beach duging the -3.0 tide. Bill is one of the shellfish diggers that volunteers his time digging clams for use in the Shellfish Hotline.

29. Association Members Marney and Lyn from Port Orford happyly pose with their limit of gaper clams on the North Spit of Coos Bay on June 7th 2008.

30 and 31. Tom and Donna Pluth share their mixed bag of gaper and razor clam with us they dug during our 2008 Coos Bay cladm digging class.

32. Jake Jacobson digs purple varnish clams. 33 My dog Zoe telling me she is going home.

33. Kids from the Outdoor School at Newport Middle School having a great time at Camp West Wind on the Salmon River Estuary searching for invertebrates in the sandy substrate. Their smiles revealed the excitement of moment that will last a lifetime as they uncovered mud shrimp, sand shrimp, marine worms and of course clams. It was a rewarding experience for me to instruct the next generation about the clams they dug. Bill

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