Oregon's Clams

Now with AWARD WINNING RECIPES the 128 page color E edition of Oregon's Clams is the complete color guide to digging clams on the Oregon Coast. The photographs, illustrations and easy to follow instructions in the color edition will unlock the secrets to digging razor clams or bay clams (gaper clams, cockles, butter clams, littleneck clams, Manila clams, purple varnish clams or softshell clams) on your first trip out.

Two limits of bay clams dug by Greg Harlow and myself at Idaho Point in Yaquina Bay. On the roll over clam digger John proudly displays a geoduck clam he dug from Coos Bay. Geoduck clams occur infrequently in Oregon's Bay. They are rarely dug from Coos Bay and Netarts Bay

Discover the rewards of digging Oregon's clams by purchasing a copy of the book, Oregon's Clams. Digging clams is a recreational activity that can be enjoyed by all members of the family regardless of age as shown below by then 13 year old Katie and her twin sister Maggie were featured in an Oregon Coast Today articles March 2009 and July 2013 digging for purple varnish clams in Siletz Bay. You may have seen the author and avid clam digger, William Lackner, digging bay clams on the Oregon Coast Show, or with weather guru Andy Carson from KPTV as shown below or with Joel Porter of KMTR in Eugene.

Oregon's Clams includes: All the information necessary to consistently dig limits of Oregon's Razor Clams and Oregon's Bay Clams.

Oregon's Clams discloses all of the locations where both bay clams and razor clams are commonly found along the Oregon Coast.

The photos of the bay clam and razor clam shows displays how to identify both bay clam shows and razor clam shows in the wet and dry sand.

The information on Razor Clams describes the methods to dig razor clams from the wet and dry sand. The clams in the photo were dug at Fort Stevens using the method recommended by the ODFW to dig Razor Clams using our standard clam shovel.

The narrative with accompanying photo array in the book describes the preferred method used for cleaning razor clams or bay clams using a knife or clion the video clip here demonstrating how to clean razor clams in a hot water bath. The pictorial essays and accompanying narratives describe the BEST METHODS used to clean Oregon's Bay Clams: purple varnish clams, gaper clams, cockles and softshell clams, Manila clams and butter clams.

ODFW Maps of Oregon's Bays that disclose the location of the clams common to each bay. Click HERE to see the map of the clams common to Siletz Bay and a video and photo array of our clam digs.

Click HERE to see the photo essay of the Clamslayer Brandon Williams taking gaper clams with ease using a Shrimp pump in the shallow water of Coos Bay. Using the shrimp pump is one of the most productive methods for taking bay clams from the exposed surface of the tidal flats or from areas of the tidal flats covered by shallow water.

See the new and exciting additions to our family recipes for our critically acclaimed Oregon's Clam Chowder and our award winning Stuffed Clams. We are so very proud of a young lady who entered our recipe for Stuffed Clams and won the Grand Prize at the Clackmas County Fair. Join the fun! Nothing compares to the flavor of freshly dug clams prepared with my family's award winning recipes or recipes submitted by our fellow clam diggers. Marney Reed from Port Orford writes, "Hi Bill, Just wanted you to know we cooked your Clam Chowder recipe yesterday for company. It was the best chowder we've ever had - definitely restaurant quality!"

Includes complete instructions for gathering and preparing Oregon's mussels.

Personalize your copy of Oregon's Clams with an autograph by the author by entering your name or the name of the person you are giving the book to in the appropriate box on the payment page.

Even though our books are written for adults launch a child on a lifelong adventure digging Oregon's Clams by giving them one of our books.

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Click HERE to view photo gallery of clam digging activities. Participate! Share your clam digging adventures and recipes with us. Post your photographs and clam recipes by emailing them to us at crabbinginfo@yahoo.com


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