Oregon's Gaper Clams

Oregon's gaper clams are the most popular of Oregon's bay clams and common to all of Oregon's saltwater bays. In the photo I am holding two Fat gaper clams (tresas capax) that were dug from the mixed sand/mud substrate at the site of the future docking facility for NOAA Pacific Fleet Operations in Yaquina Bay. The clams were approximately 8 to 10 years of age and measured in excess of six inches in width. Members of the CDAO were at the NOAA site to transplant eel grass for compliance with mitigation for the loss of essential deepwater habitat by NOAA. The two clams were the only clams I dug and the necks and bodies were large enough to satisfy our needs for dinner. Click HERE to view a video clip of proper method to dig gaper clams from mixed muddy/sandy substrate.

CDAO Boardmember, Randy Fish and his daughter dug the Fat gaper clams shown in the photo's below from Netarts Bay. The clams were located deep in the sandy substrate.

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