Clam Digging and Crabbing Class Schedule - Activity Guide for Lincoln City

Bill Lackner proudly displays two very nice Dungeness crabs taken during one of the free crabbing classes sponsored by the Lincoln City Visitor and Convention Bureau at Siletz Bay. Digging Purple Varnish clams from Siletz Bay was featured on the weekly newspaper, The Oregon Coast Today

KUDOS to OPB!!! On 10/18 OPB broadcast the segment of our Digging Clams and Crabbing clinics in Siletz Bay on OPB's award winning Oregon Field Guide.

Class instructor and author, William Lackner, is an authority on digging the clams and crabs common to Oregon's Coastal Waters. You may have seen him digging bay clams on the Oregon Coast Show or with weather guru Andy Carson from KPTV and or with Joel Porter of KMTR in Eugene, or in featured articles about digging clams and crabbing in the Lincoln City News Guard, the Statesman Journal The World Daily Newspaper in Coos Bay, the Newport Newstimes, and in the Oregon Coast Today in addition to the esteemed Oregon Field Guide.

Learn to dig Oregon's Clams by attending the 2019 Explore Oregon Clam Clinic Events or the Driftwood Libraries Coastal Encounter 2 day events on crabbing in Oregon's Bays or digging purple varnish clams from Siletz Bay or razor clams from Oregon's coastal beaches.

Attendance is absolutely FREE, or get a head start developing your clam digging skills with the book, Oregon's Clams, or enhance your knowledge about taking crabs from Oregon's coastal waters by purchasing Oregon's Crabs.

I would like to share a comment I received from clam digger Wayne. "Hi Bill, I had great success with the clams this year thanks to your class, and now we're enjoying Oregon's Chowder through the winter. I showed my grandson how to dig clams and now he's hooked. Great times!"

The VCBs Explore Oregon Program has new class insturctor, Cameron Rauenhorst.

Cameron is a local expert, who would be happy to answer any questions you might have in regards to crabbing and clamming on the Oregon Coast. Contact : Captain Clameron’s Excursions at Cameron Rauenhorst
541-654-1633 or

2019 Siletz Bay FREE Clam Digging and Crabbing Events


• Tuesday, May 21 @ 1:45 PM
• Thursday, July 25 @ 11:00 AM
• Wednesday, August 28 @ 3:30 PM
• Monday, September 30 @ 12 NOON

Each spring and summer the Lincoln City Visitor and Convention Bureau sponsors a series of free clam digging and crabbing classes. The classes are free and everyone is welcome. No registration is required. We thank the Driftwood Library and the Lincoln City for giving us the opportunity to share the wonderful bounty that Siletz Bay has to offer. See the class schedule below.

The 2019 Coastal Encounters Program crabbing and clam digging clinics in May are sponsored by the Lincoln City Driftwood Library. Each Tuesday in May features a guest speaker presenting topics of interest unique to the Oregon Coast. Attendance is free and no class registration is necessary. Everyone is welcome. The classes are free and we do not accept tips. Bring your own equipment or purchase from local retailers or from us. We sell the proper equipment to dig clams or trap crabs from Oregon's coastal waters. Each crabber over the age of 12 must have a shellfish license. Licenses can be purchased at Fred Meyer, Walmart or locally in Lincoln City at BiMart or from ODFW using your Smart Phone.

2019 Coastal Encounters Program Crabbing from the North Shore of Siletz Bay with a Crab Max:

The Coastal encounters crabbing clinic is a two day event beginning with a lecture at 06:30 pm on the evening of May 7th. The lecture is followed on May 8th crabbing class. We will meet on the beach next to the bay in front of the pavilion at the end of SW 51St. at 9:15 am. Low tide occurs at 2019-05-08 Wed 10:12 PDT -0.80 feet We will crab from 9:15 to 13:15 weather permitting.

The purpose of the crab clinic is to acquaint participants with shore based crabbing method of using the Crab Max folding crab traps to take Dungeness and red rock crabs. The information participants gain really pays off in late summer and fall when the crabs are in good shape.  

Shellfish Safety: In today's environment it is important to back and clean the crabs immediately after being caught. Generally Dungeness crabs are safe to eat up to 2 hours after death. This problem is eliminated by cleaning the crab by backing it as soon as they are caught. Always check the Shellfish Hotline prior to crabbing or digging clams. The importance of the accuracy of the Shellfish Hotline cannot be overstated.

We suggest using the Crab Max folding crab traps that we sell or purchase them from local retailers. The Crab Max folding crab trap was designed specifically for crabbing in Oregon's Bays. The other types of crab traps including other folding crab traps are not suitable for the type of shore bound crabbing application common to Oregon's Bays. The purchase of the Crab Max folding crab trap from us during the Driftwood Libraries Coastal Encounters program and we will provide the chicken legs FREE!!! Bill

Each crabber over the age of 12 will need a shellfish license, a pair of gloves, folding crab traps, crab measure, a 5 gallon bucket and a package of chicken legs for bait. Be sure to purchase gloves prior to the event for yourself and loved ones. Crabbing or digging clams without gloves enhances your chance to injure you hands or fingers.

NOTE: Crab Max folding crab traps with hand lines will be available for purchase during the lecture at the Driftwood Libraries Coastal Encounters Program and the following day of the crab clinic.

For those of you who are attending the Driftwood Libraries Coastal Encounters Program, or new to crabbing we suggest purchasing the Crab Max Starter Kit consisting of a Crab Max Crab Trap with a hand line, a crab gage, a wooden crab mallet, a 5 gallon bucket and the book Oregon's crabs for $50.00. Each additional Crab Max folding crab Trap cost $30.00 ea. and the chicken legs are FREE.

Or Purchase the equipment separately: Crab Max crab traps for 30.00 ea. with a hand line. plus $3.00 for our fracture resistant premium crab gage, $3.00 for a wooden crab mallet, $4.00 for a 5 gal bucket and $10.00 for a copy of the new edition of Oregon's Crabs, or take advantage of the Crab Max Special by purchasing 3 Crab Max crab traps with hand lines and a copy or our latest edition of Oregon's Crabs, a crab gage, a wooden crab mallet, a 5 gal bucket for $110.00 and the chicken legs are FREE. The cost of Crab Max folding crab traps without the hand line is $30.00 ea. Payment must be made by cash or check only.

Driftwood Library 2018 Coastal Encounter Crabbing Clinic.

2018 Lincoln City Visitor and Convention Bureau Sponsored Crabbing Classes.

2018-06-06 Wed 13:12 PDT 0.53 feet Low Tide Crabbing Clinic at 12:30.
2018-06-08 Fri 14:54 PDT 0.98 feet Low Tide Crabbing Clinic at 14:15.
2018-06-20 Wed 13:14 PDT 0.15 feet Low Tide Crabbing Clinic at 12:45.
2018-07-03 Tue 11:00 PDT 0.05 feet Low Tide Crabbng Clinic at 10:30.
2018-08-30 Thu 09:47 PDT 0.75 feet Low Tide Crabbing Clinic at 09:15.
2018-09-27 Thu 08:41 PDT 0.95 feet Low Tide Crabbing Clinic at 08:15.

Our crabbing classes are designed to provide participants the basic hands on skill and knowledge about the art of taking Dungeness and red rock crabs. Once again, we thank the Lincoln City for giving us the opportunity to share the wonderful bounty that Siletz Bay has to offer.

Clinic Participant Shares Her Crabbing and Clam Digging Success

Below, clam digger and crabber Nancy displaying the purple varnish clams on the table dug from Siletz Bay shown in the back ground. Photo by Nancy.


Prior to crabbing, participants will meet at the pavilion located at the end of SW 51st St in the Historic Taft District of Lincoln City for a brief orientation. The orientation will familiarize participants with Oregon’s crabbing regulations, harvest methods, identification, and cleaning and cooking techniques. Parking is available between Mo’s Restaurant and the pavilion.

2017-06-01 Thu 12:15 Crabbing Lecture Great day to be crabbing but no one told the crabs. No keepers.

2017-06-15 Thu 10:30 Crabbing Lecture The heavy rain drove us off of the bay.

2017-06-30 Fri 11:30 Crabbing Lecture crabbing productivity improves.

2017-09-22 Fri 08:00 Crabbing Lecture one young lady took a nice legal sized Dungeness crab. The parents of the child in the photo failed to catch a keeper crab during the Crab Clinic but took one Dungeness crab on Saturday and four on Sunday. They paid attention to the instructions and put them to success on Sunday. The purpose of the clinics is to provide shore based crabbers the knowledge to take crabs from Oregon's Coastal Waters. The Clincs are ideal for women, children and crabbers of all ages.

2017-09-22 Fri 08:43 PDT 0.70 feet Low Tide

Coastal Encounters 2019 Clam Digging Class

On Tue May 21-2019: We will meet at 18:30 pm at the Driftwood Library for the annual Coastal Encounter's Clam Digging Lecture. We will discuss all aspects for digging all species of clams common along the Oregon Coast and to Oregon’s Bays. The Driftwood library is located in the City Hall Building on the 2nd floor across the street from Burger King on HWY 101.

On Wed May 22-2019: We will meet at 09:15 am at the gravel turnout just north of the Bay House Restaurant to dig for the purple varnish clams common to Siletz Bay. Low tide occurs at 2019-05-22 Wed 10:14 PDT -0.72 feet Low Tide.

Each clam digger over the age of 12 must have a shellfish license. Licenses can be purchased at Fred Meyer, Walmart or locally in Lincoln City at BiMart or from ODFW using your Smart Phone.

Each clam digger will need a pair of gloves to protect your fingers from being cut by the sharp edges of the clam shells, a clam bag, a 5-gallon bucket to store and transport the clams home, and a shovel of some type. Our clam shovel sells for 28.00 and is ideal for digging bay clams and razor clams. We also sell clam bags for 4.00 and a 5-gallon bucket for 4.00. We suggest bringing some bottled water to drink and a hand towel.

Each spring and summer the Lincoln City Visitor and Convention Bureau sponsors a series of free clam digging and crabbing classes. The classes are free and everyone is welcome. No registration is required. We thank the Driftwood Library and the Lincoln City for giving us the opportunity to share the wonderful bounty that Siletz Bay has to offer. See the details below.

2019 VCB Explore Oregon Clam Clinics For Purple Varnish Clams the easiest of Oregon's bay clams to dig.

Clamming Clinic attendees will meet at the gravel pullout just north of the Bay House Restaurant located on the west side of Hwy 101. To get there, travel south on Hwy 101 in Lincoln City through the traffic signal at SW 51st Street in the Historic Taft District. Cross over the Schooner Creek Bridge and go past the asphalt paved Schooner Creek wayside parking area. Park at the next gravel pullout just south of the Schooner Creek wayside (underneath the billboard sign).

The clam digging classes are intended to provide the participants with the basic skill and knowledge to take clams from Oregon's Coastal Waters while taking advantage of the wonderful abundance of purple varnish clams in Siletz Bay. Each digger will go home with a limit of clams weather permitting.

2019 VCB Explore Oregon Clam Clinics For Purple Varnish Clams

• Saturday, May 4 @ 11:30 AM
• Monday, June 10 @ 11:30 AM
• Monday, June 24 @ 10:30 AM
• Monday, July 8 @ 10:30 AM
• Thursday, August 8 @ 11:30 AM
• Thursday, September 5 @ 10:00 AM

2019 Clam Contaminates For Clams?

We do not recommend eating clams from Oregon's industrialized bays: Coos Bay, Yaquina Bay and Tillamook Bay until the State of Oregon can identify just how contaminated these bays are. We also recommend reducing and limiting the amount of clams consumed by the young and elderly taken from Siletz Bay, Alsea Bay and the Siuslaw River Estuary to 4 oz once a month. We also recommend that expectant mothers avoid consuming any seafood such as clams, crabs, oysters, rockfish, salmon and tuna. In addition all shellfish along the Oregon coast are contaminated with bits of microplastic. Clam diggers should know that the State of Oregon has failed to test razor clams for contamination by metals and chemical contamination.


2018-05-30 Wed 08:21 PDT -0.74 feet Low Tide Clam Digging Lecture at 10:00 am.

2018-06-18 Mon 11:25 PDT -0.86 feet Low Tide Clam Digging Lecture at 10:30 am.

Above, the OPB crew from Oregon Field Guide film the visitors from Hawaii dig for purple varnish clams.

2017-08-29 Tue 11:45 Clam Digging Lecture

2017-08-29 Tue 12:55 PDT 2.28 feet Low Tide saw youngsters of all ages digging purple varnish clams

2017-09-12 Tue 10:30 Clam Digging Lecture

2017-09-12 Tue 11:41 PDT 1.85 feet Low Tide

2017-09-26 Tue 10:30 Clam Digging Lecture

2017-09-26 Tue 11:20 PDT 2.30 feet Low Tide

May 2016 Coastal Encounters Clam Clinic:

My clam lab, Cali Ann, oversees those new to digging clams. Diggers in the photo on the right dug limits of softshell clams after digging limits of purple varnish clams. All of the participants of the Coastal Encounters program went home with limits of clams.

May 2015 Coastal Encounters Crab Clinic:

On May 20th 2015 two boys realized their dreams by catching a Dungeness crabs apiece at our FREE crab clinic sponsored by the Coastal Encounters from Oregon's Coastal Waters; and if we are lucky we will catch some crabs.

2013 Lincoln City Sponsored Clamming & Crabbing Clinics

Things got off to a slow start for the clam digging classes on 09/13. The class filled up after the lecture began filling to standing room only. After the lecture, we met at the gravel turnout on the east shore of Siletz Bay to dig for purple varnish clams. The participants of the dig went home with limist or all of the clams they desired to dig.

The clam digging class for 09/06 was especially gratifying because of the young clam digger's enthusiasm for digging purple varnish clams, and the thrill of digging a softshell clam by the retired clam digger from San Diego.

On 08/23 crabbers gathered at the Pavilion at the end of 51st along the north shore of Siletz Bay to learn how to crab. Crabbers managed to take 2 legal sized crabs. This year was the worst for crabbing from the docks and shore of Oregon's Bays. The low productivity only added to the importance of taking home clams for dinner..

2012 Lincoln City Sponsored Clamming Crabbing Clinics

The Lincoln City Visitor and Culinary Center sponsored a series of FREE Clamming & Crabbing Clinics at Siletz Bay. The clinics were conducted by William Lackner.

8/10/12 - The last clam digging class at Driftwood Public Library: 12:30 at Siletz Bay was terrific as approximately 50 participants eventually filled the room to overflowing for the lecture on digging the clams of interest to recreational clam diggers. The value in the sign up sheet for participants is providing us with your email address to send you photos of our clam dig. Clam digger Zachary failed to sign up and I am sure he would like the photos of his children's first limits of clams. Bill

7/2- 11:00 at Driftwood Public Library; 1:00 at the Siletz Bay

After the lecture 30 plus clam diggers met at the gravel pullout just north of the Bay House restaurant to dig limits of purple varnish clams. Clam digger, Zachary

and his children pictured in the first two photographs above share the moment of digging their first limits of clams together. In the third photograph my lab, Cali Ann shows the clam diggers how to do it. The fourth photograph speaks for itself.

CRABBING: can only get better as we head into September. They will be more legal sized males entering Oregon's Bay and their shells will be getting harder and the crabs heavier with the sweet succulent meat we all love. These are the last two opportunities this year to experience the new wave method of crabbing with folding crab traps from the sandy shore or deep water docks in Oregon's Bays.

8/3 – 8 AM crabbing class meet at the pavilion for a brief orientation prior to heading out onto the beach to crab on a gorgeous sunny day. It was a beautiful day and everyone had a grand time. The crabbing in Siletz Bay has been improving. The catch of the day was 5 Dungeness crabs, 4 crabs several crabbers got 3 crabs, 2 crabs, 1 crab and no crabs.

Prior to the orientation, I caught 1 hard shell crab Dungeness crab, 1 very large male soft shell Dungeness crab and 1 female Dungeness crab. I used the crabs to make talking points during the lecture between the differences between male and female crabs and between hard shell and softshell crabs. Both the female and softshell crabs were returned to the bay. However, most of the crabbers that caught soft shell crabs retained them except for crabber Jamie. To her credit, Jamie returned the soft shell  crab to the bay. She enthusiastically embraced both crabbing and digging clams and my girl, Cali Ann in the photo below. Crabbing and digging clams with her was great.

My friend Darrin and his family were there to participate in the crabbing and clam digging. Some of the family members were visiting from Sweden. What a joy to see the fun they had interacting with one another while crabbing and digging clams. Darrin's young nephew, Collin had a great time digging his first limit of clams. He was just beaming with pride as he showed me his clams. Collin is the red haired young man seen with his mother in the photo and in both video clips. He is well on his way to a lifelong adventure digging clams and catching crabs.

CDAO Clam Clinics 2011

Clam Clinic Netarts Bay 2011 was a 2 day event. We met at the Tillamook Library on Saturday July 2 nd at 11:30 am for a lecture on digging the clams common to Oregon's coastal waters followed by a period for questions and answers. The Tillamook City library is located at 1716 3rd St in Tillamook. We met on Sunday morning July 3rd at the turnout south of the intersection of Whiskey Creek RD and Netarts Bay RD. at 08:15 - 08:30. Our focus was on gaper clams.

In the first photo the diggers are harvesting their clams after receiving instructions from CDAO member Dave Randleman for instructions on how to dig gaper clams. In the second photo Dave reaches down into the hole to retrieve a small gaper clam.

In the fourth photo Dave displays his prize a small gaper clam. In the fourth photo the diggers disperse across the tidal flats to dig for gaper clams. In the fifth photo Dave displays his limit of bay clams all nineteen of them plus 1 white macoma sand clam.

Clam Clinic Siletz Bay 2011

Clam Clinic Siletz Bay 2011 was a great way to introduce those new to clam digging and the wonders found in the marine environment. We met at the Lincoln City Library on Tuesday May 31st at 18:00 pm for a 2 hour plus lecture on digging the clam species common to Oregon's Bays. We met the follow morning on Wednesday June 1st at the gravel pullout just north of the Bay House Restaurant at 7:30 am. All of the diggers went home with limits of purple varnish clams.

Our Clam Clinics and Crabbing Clinics (like the two we held in Coos Bay) are the ideal way to introduce kids of all ages to the wonders of digging clams and taking crabs. However, the information in our books will reveal everything you need to know to successfully dig clams or take crabs from Oregon's coastal waters. Bill

Lincoln City Events and Attractions

Tide Pooling in the Tide Pools on the Beach at Lincoln City is a program designed for children of all ages

Introduce you children to the wonders of the Oregon coast by visiting a guided tour of the tide pools on the beach at Lincoln City. The tour is free and everyone is welcome. The tide gradually recedes, leaving behind exposed rocks with many little pools of still salt water. In those pools many colorful, exotic creatures make their homes – starfish, sea anemones and urchins, and tiny fish. Starfish live side-by-side with sea anemones and sea urchins. The starfish are red, orange and pink; the sea anemones are a rich purple and green; and the sea urchins a rich, dark purple. Among this cornucopia of colors are tiny fish and hermit crabs darting from one rocky shelter to the next. Rocky residents like mussels and barnacles thrive in the intertidal zone. Mussels have a long, tapered dark blue to black shell. The vivid, orange flesh of the mussel is edible and a prized delicacy in many parts of the world. Barnacles are small, and usually white, and cluster on rocks and pilings. Check the local tide tables for a minus tide, which is the best time to explore tide pools.

There are several good areas to explore tide pools in the Lincoln City area. Two of the best are at Roads End State Park and at the 15th Street beach access. Take a guided tour of tide pools by meeting us at NW 15th st as scheduled below. We do not advise participants to park on the beach. Park at the beach access parking area, on the street. The Seagul Beachfront Motel allows participants of the tidal pool to park their cars at the motel parking lot during the tour. I took the photo of the marine organisms fluorescing at varying degrees of intensity while visiting a tide pool. Click on the following image to enlarge it. Florescence of marine organisms is fairly common but difficult to capture with the camera.

Join us on the following Tide Pool Clinic dates:


Monday, April 22, 2019 @ 9:30 AM
•Saturday, May 11, 2019 @ 12:30 PM
•Friday, May 24, 2019 @ 11:30 AM
•Friday, June 7, 2019 @ 10:30 AM
•Saturday, June 8, 2019 @ 11:30 AM
•Tuesday, June 18, 2019 @ 8:30 AM
•Friday, June 21, 2019 @ 10:00 AM
•Saturday, July 6, 2019 @ 10:00 AM
•Sunday, July 7, 2019 @ 11:00 AM
•Friday, July 19, 2019 @ 8:30 AM

View Video Clip of the Tide Pool Tour.


  • 2019 Tide Pool Clinics

    For Tide Pool Tour and Beachcombing information contact us at:
    Lincoln City Visitor Bureau 801 SW Highway 101 • Suite 401 •

    Sandcastle Contest

    Festival OverviewSandcastle building contest in Lincoln City, OR

    During this fun-filled weekend in Lincoln City, your family will enjoy good old beach fun. On Saturday, take part or just watch the creations come to life. Stick around for evening treats, including s’mores by the fire. Come back for more on Sunday with games on the beach!

    Saturday, August 10th

    Lincoln City Sandcastle Contest at Siletz Bay

    The Lincoln City Sandcastle Contest is the heart of this weekend with an amateur contest open to all ages. This is a fun, family-oriented event, and we ask that your creations be done with respect to this tradition. Registration begins at 9 am in the Taft District of Lincoln City off SW 51st Street. Registration is free, but a donation of one non-perishable food item per person is suggested. All donations benefit the Lincoln City Food Pantry.

    Judging begins at 2pm. Winners in each category take home a prize!

    Sandcastle Building Contest in Lincoln City, OR

    Only sand, water, shells and other natural beach materials found on the beach that day can be used for construction. Forms can be used in the construction process, but can in no way support the final structure. Hand tools may be used, but use of power tools is not permitted. This is an amateur competition, professional “sand artists” are disqualified from winning prizes.


    Head to the covered pavilion at the end of SW 51st Street for good ‘ol fashioned s’mores. Treat yourself!

    Sunday, August 11th

    Games Galore!

    Come back on Sunday from 12-3pm for fun family games on the beach.

    More Information

    Bay Area Merchants Association (BAMA) or 541-921-9329

    Jennifer Sears Glass Art Studio

    Create your own Glass Art at Jennifer Sears Art Studio located at 4821 SE Hwy 101 • 541-996-2569 in the Historic Taft District of Lincoln City, visit the Jennifer Sears Glass Art Studio to learn and experience the fine art of glassblowing.

    Culinary Center in Lincoln City

    Explore your culinary side. Enjoy recreational classes featuring seasonally-inspired cooking that focus on the abundant foods of the Pacific Northwest.

    Classes include a wide array of subjects and cuisines and offer both hands-on and demonstration styles.

    Lincoln City Cultural Center features a series of events and classes scheduled through the Cultural Center's Performing Arts, Events, Galleries and Classes all of which are topics of interest that challenge the interest for all family members.

    Lincoln City Community Center
    2150 NE Oar Place
    Lincoln City, OR 97367

    Lincoln City Community Center is open year round and provides a safe environment for children, seniors, families and visitors. We are open to the public, and different levels of membership are also available! Our center offers a 25-meter swimming pool with enclosed water slide, diving boards and rope swing; a warm water instructional pool with water features; and a 12-person hot tub. We have a weight room, cardio room, full size gymnasium with basketball court, indoor walking/running track, senior center, and a 24-foot supervised indoor rock climbing wall! There's always lots to do for all ages with youth, adult and senior activities, an after school program, and many fitness programs and classes!   

    North Lincoln County Historical Museum features permanent and rotating exhibits where you can learn About Lincoln County’s rich history and unique qualities, from its rugged settlers to the development of its main industries.

  • Each tide pool clinic begins with a lecture from local experts Fawn Custer, of the Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition, and Athena Crichton, of the Hatfield Marine Science Center. Each clinic takes place on the beach at the 15th ST access. To get there, from Highway 101 turn west onto 15th street (at the Jasmine Thai Restaurant) and continue west towards the ocean. There is ample street parking as well as a public parking lot nearby. Parking is also available at the Sea Gull Beachfront Motel near the beach access.

    Following the lecture, Custer and Crichton will take you on a tour of the tide pools and help identify local marine life. Creatures that you may encounter at the tide pools include starfish, sea anemones, sea urchins, and mussels. Clinics last for approximately 1 hour. Questions and feedback are encouraged.

    hat to Bring

    Tide pool excursions on the Oregon Coast can get wet and slippery. That is why you should plan to bring the following to each clinic:
    •rubber boots
    •rain jacket

  • Beach Safety:

    Weather and ocean conditions can be unpredictable on the Oregon Coast. Please practice caution during the tide pool clinics. That includes always facing the ocean, being wary of beach logs and debris, and keeping small children and animals near you at all times. Although participants are allowed to park on the beach for the clinics, it is strongly advised that visitors park on the street.

  • The Lincoln City Sandcastle Contest at Siletz Bay is held annually in the historic Taft District in Lincoln City sponsored by the Bay Area Merchants Association. Join us for an entire weekend of family fun at the coast!


    Click HERE to view photo gallery of clam digging activities. Participate! Share your clam digging and crabbing adventures with us by emailing them to 2

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