Some of the participants digging for Empire clams on the North Spit, Coos Bay 2008

Coos Bay offers the most productive clam digging found in any of Oregon's bays. The bay is home all species of bay clams and has the most extensive Empire (gaper) clam beds found in any of Oregon's bays.

The estimated population of Empire clams alone exceeds five million five hundred thousand clams (ODFW). The Port of Charleston is the jumping off point for digging Empire clams and the other species of bay clams. in West Coos Bay.

Tom Greener and his son digging Empire clams from South Slough during Clam Clinic 2009.

Clam Clinic Coos Bay 2009 met on Wednesday 07-22 at 18:00 p.m. for a lecture at the RV Park at the Charleston Marina Complex. Host Susan Smith, her staff and RV Park residents shined like diamonds in the ruff in preparing for our lecture. Scott Groth the south coast shellfish biologist for ODFW and ODFW staff biologist, Stacy were terrific and a high point of the lecture. Scott showed series of slides he had taken of the clams common to Coos Bay and Stacy spoke about the goals of the Shellfish and Estuarine Assessment of coastal Oregon (SEACOR) project

Razor clams are dug from Coos Bay area beaches at Bastendorff Beach, from the beach north of the Whiskey Run Beach Wayside, from the Charleston Boat Basin Sand Spit, from the sandy beach inside the North Jetty and from North Beach. North Beach is the southern boarder of the Oregon Dunes National Recreational Area and is located just north of the entrance to Coos Bay and below Horsfall Beach. North Beach is administered by the BLM, and is listed by ODFW as a location to dig for razor clams. North Beach is accessible by off road vehicles via the jeep trail from the Trans Pacific Parkway. Driving on the wet and dry sand areas of the beach is allowed from September 16 through March 14 and restricted to the wet sand area from March 15 through September 15.   Check with the BLM office to confirm the areas open to vehicles.  The regulations for driving on the sandy dunes and on the beach for the BLM differ from those of the Oregon Dunes National Recreational Area, so be prepared to fulfill the requirements for both agencies. Bastendorff Beach is located between Coos Bay and Yoakum Point is listed by ODFW as a razor clam location. Access is gained via the Cape Arago Hwy. Whiskey Run Beach located off of Seven Devils Road allows beach access by motor vehicles and is listed by ODFW as a location to dig for razor clams. For complete information on digging clams in Coos Bay or from area beaches purchase Oregon's Clams.

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