34. Below is a limit of 20 clams dug by Jerry Lynch from Netarts Bay. The limit included macoma Sand clams, gaper clams (Blues), cockles (heart cockles) and butter clams (Martha Washington) and a Moon snail. Shoot us an email if anyone knows how to prepare snails for the table?

35. Association member Jerry Lynch tops off his 4th of July clam dig wtih a limit of razor clams dug at Seaside.

36. Association member Brandon Williams displays three of the nine Lewis Moon Snails he picke up in Coos Bay.

Clear skies greeted participants from SeaFest 2008 and Association members digging purple varnish clams from Siletz Bay on July 20th. 37. Association member Jerry Lynch is at again in Alsea Bay in his initial effort to dig over sized gaper clams. Jerry dug these beauties plus the softshell clams in the photograph.38. New to clamming, The Association welcomes Gary Brisbin and his sister Bonnie Stowe. Gary writes, "Thanks Bill, great info. I'm including some pictures from my first clamming trip in Oregon we went to Coos Bay (clam island) and got our limits of gapers some were small but we kept them all. Thanks for the great book Oregon's Clams." Kudos to Gary and Bonnie for keeping the small gaper and other clams they dug. Bill 39. Association member Leonard Sexton took his grandson and his grandson's friend on their first clam dig, then, they took a limit of sturgeon from the Columbia Rvier at Astoria. Lenny smoked and canned the purple varnish clams and I just had to know how he did it. For his response go the recipe page. They are sooo goood.

 40. Hello old friend, (not that your that old, but I am!)  Anyway, I thought I would let you know the chanterelles are showing, in case you were wondering. Here's a photo of the 16.4 lbs I picked on Quartz Mountain today.  Jerry Lynch

41 & 42. Fresh cutthroat trout are on the menu. The fsh were caught from a lake on the property of my friend, Dutch's cabin near Reedsport. 43. Association member Alan Kaylor experienced the joy of fishing with his Dad when his Dad landed this15 & 1/2 lb. steelhead,

44. A limit of gaper clam dug from Yaquina Bay on 01/09/2009. The black and white photos 45 and 46 were taken at Seaside durning the series of low tides in January by poet George Wallace who writes, " They are 'art photos' as opposed to standard photography, as you will see, and emphasize the atmospherics of the Oregon Coast, as well as the feel of a human activity that to me has the timeless feel of pre-commercial America. In photo 47 and 48 Sparkypaul shares the purple varnish and softshell clams he dug in Nehalem Bay and the Razor clams he dug at Del Rey Beach on a .3 positive low tide on April 23rd. I noticed what I believe is a 4 year old clam in the center of the photo on the bottom row. In photo 50 a bowl of steamer clams I dug from Netarts Bay. In photo 51 Kirk and Lisa share the razor clams they dug at Seaside in late winter.

In photo 53 an 54 below Allen and his Dad dug their first limits of clams at Siletz Bay.

In photo 55 below Jason shares the largest gaper clam (tresus capax) with us. Jason is new to digging clams . Photo 56 my Cali Ann fetching a Round Barn hen pheasent . Photo 57 my Cali Ann fetdhing a mallard hen. Photo 58 my Cali Ann investigates my mule deer doe. CDAO Boardmember, Randy Fish with a fine sturegon he caught on the Columbia this summer. Photo 59 is the gaper clams Bill dug from Yaquina Bay on the evening of Dec 1st. Photos 60 and 61 show Cali with her goose and canvasback duck.

Photo 62 below shows clam digger Kevin's limit of mixed gaper clams he dug from the tidal flats behind the Marine Science Center in Yaquina Bay. In photo 63 Association member George reports shows the razor clam he dug at Seaside, end of (U) street. Most everyone got their limit in our party. and we saw many diggers walking out with their limit..  We got there a little late... look as like your clinic in June will do good out of 12th street.  In photo 64 some of the 37 participants from the Eugene Slow Food chapter dug purple varnish clams from Siletz Bay. In photo No. 65 CDAO member, Randy Fish's daughter poses with a white sturgeon she caught on the Columbia River.

In photo 67, Don shares his Pismo clams he raked from Imperial Beach Ca. In photo 68 razor clam digger Bill Morris (RIP) took time off of digging razor clams to catch a Springer Chinook salmon from the Umpqua at Winchester Bay.

Bill Morris took more time off of digging razor clams to go fishing. Kokanee fishing at Wickiup Reservoir on 6/12/11. Fishing was dam slow, but we did catch 10, and two were over 15 inches! 

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